April 6, 2017

Dutch drugstore peddles colouring book with Hitler

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Ah yes, it’s truly springtime for Hitler.

A colouring book from Dutch drugstore chain Kruidvat, handed out with a specific condom brand, contains an image of Hitler making a Nazi salute and wearing a Swastika armband, in what has to be one of the oddest sentences I’ve written in a while, with the exception of the title of this posting.

The story started making the rounds after it hit Dutch social media and was quickly removed after being on sale for half a day by the chain, followed by some apologising and refunds. The colouring book also includes other historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln.

Why a condom manufacturer is handing out colouring book is beyond me. The book was printed in India, which incidentally is where the original symbol of the Swastika comes from, but how that connects in any way, shape or form to a dictator in a colouring book offered by a condom company remains a mystery.

Links: waarmaarraar.nl, bbc.com, Photo by Adam Jones, some rights reserved)

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October 14, 2015

Biggest bra sizes and interesting condom purchases

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Dutch online lingerie shop Pabo.nl, also Europe’s biggest, conducted its own survey into who has the biggest boobs and the longest dongs per province, something to briefly take your mind off the fact that the Netherlands is not playing in the European Football Champs this summer.

Women in Zeeland have lots of cup A fans, but Utrecht takes the win for the smallest boobs overall. However, Zeeland has about 10% of women ordering cup F, which no other province has. The cup B fans come from Flevoland, the C cups are for Utrecht, D cups Overijssel, and most of the bigger sizes go to Groningen in the lead for Cup E.

If you believe in condoms sales as a size indicator, North Holland and Friesland buy the biggest condoms. Friesland stands out as a province that buys twice as many flavoured condoms as the rest of the country. I wonder if they’re orange flavoured.

(Link: www.bndestem.nl, photo: ecollo.com)

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November 29, 2012

The ultimate condom is a Dutch Wingman

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Two engineers from Delft, Paul Breur and Adnan Tunović, have finally solved decades of issues that men have had with using condoms. The Wingman condom is easy to use with one hand that doesn’t even touch the condom, it’s extra thin and it’s safe. The 30 second film doesn’t need any voice over or music to get its message across and even in the dark you cannot put it on the wrong way.

The condom was invented almost 100 years ago and very little has been done to make its use easier or more pleasant. All the colours, textures and scents have done absolutely nothing to improve condoms. Now, the use of the ‘wing’ to roll down the condom means no more condom odour on your hands. You still need to open the package with two hands, but they claim to be working on that bit. They have one size available, but will be launching the Wingman in more sizes once it takes off.

(Links: ans-online.nl, www.wingmancondoms.com, Photo of Condom dispenser by Quaziefoto, some rights reserved)

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October 13, 2010

Carbon neutral condom to hit Dutch market

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Online shop Biocosmetica in Dordrecht announced this week that it will be selling a condom (The ‘Lovepack’) that is carbon neutral, made of rubber from sustainable forests. As well, the rubber planters will be paid fairly for their goods, making them fair trade items as well.

That should give some people a clear conscience, although condoms are bad for the environment no matter how you make them.

(Link: spitsnieuws, Photo of Rubber plant by Dinesh Valke, some rights reserved)

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May 20, 2008

A Fokit condom in your keychain

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Yes, they mean ‘fuck it’, pronounced like a Dutch person, which sounds more like ‘fokit’. Again, the blunt Dutch approach, in this case, of always having a condom on you has a less than attractive Dunglish name, but sounds like a good idea. Business students of the Hogeschool Utrecht in Amersfoort came up with this in their first year to show off their business savvy.

“We talk a lot about sex,’’ says Jelle Okkerse (21). “The link with STDs was made very quickly since it is increasingly more of a problem with young people. We have so often not had a condom handy, which is why we came up with a trendy keychain, which can fit a condom.’’

(Link and photo: ad.nl)

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May 5, 2008

Moving on up at work by doing the boss

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It’s been a while since we posted something objectionable and this video certainly qualifies. Viral marketing has to have an edge – kitschy or not – to get our attention. OK, the music got my attention.

And true to blunt Dutch form, this one is called “f*** your way to the top”. A male trainee in ugly not tighty whiteys does all kinds of things (mostly insinuated) to impress his future, much older female boss. Since the punch line has to do with condoms, I can imagine that a woman trying to ‘please’ her boss would have fallen short and be considered even more sexist by the masses. And the advert is for a Dutch company called Jobcircle.

And since the punch line is in Dutch, allow me to translate. When Rogier picks up the phone near the end, the voice says “Hey Rogier, didn’t you know that on each condom there are tips so that you don’t have to take your clothes off?”

(Link: reclamewereld.blog.nl)

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December 20, 2007

No condom shaped lights for the Warmoesstraat

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The Warmoesstraat is one of the oldest streets of Amsterdam and the gateway to the famous Red Light District. The street’s business association wanted to see the wares it sells reflected in its seasonal lighting, and therefore ordered the manufacturing of lights in the shape of condoms, handcuffs, magic mushrooms and so on. But it wasn’t to be: due to a construction error the light that would have been revealed tomorrow turned out to be too heavy to be hung.

The lighting idea was the result of a competition held by the business association and won by Toko 73 and Coolpuk, who also came up with a new logo. I also liked the idea of Carmela Bogman to use LED lights to create an understated, moon-shaped display that would bring visitors back to a darker bygone era, thereby underlining the age of the street—although the actual designs were a bit “Ot en Sien” (tacky).

Illustration by Toko 73 and Coolpuk.

Via Dutchnews.nl.

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