Zone 5300 autumn edition 2010


In the latest issue of Zone 5300 (‘Comics, culture and curiosa’) two different essayists attack the phenomenon known as ‘graphic novel’. One of them is Editor-in-chief Tonio van Vugt:

“What does it matter?” you may think, “Let them label comic strips as graphic novels in order to boost sales.”

It matters because somebody who has not read comics since their childhood and who has heard of this new wonder medium called ‘graphic novel’ might accidentally pick up a copy of Jummie! or De Urbanisten. A disillusioned reader like that will go back to ‘real literature’ and miss out on new classic adult comics like Ergens waar je niet wil zijn by Brecht Evens, De ruwe gids by Hanco Kolk, Scherven by Erik de Graaf or De maagd en de neger by Judith Vanistendael, and that would truly be a pity.

Other features of this issue:

  • A horror comic by Milan Hulsing and Michiel de Jong.
  • An interview with Barbara Stok, the first woman to win the Stripschapprijs, followed by one of her comics.
  • A four-page comic by Spanish atom style giant Daniel Torres (illustration).
  • The Fool’s Gold editors showcase their collections of Soviet matchboxes, Indian 1970s paperback covers, and future female fashion visions by Egyptian designers of the 1960s.

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