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Dutch disco legend Bobby Farrell dies


Bobby Farrell, frontman of 1970s disco band Boney M has died in Saint-Petersburg, Russia today at the age of 61.

As a little girl in the village of Baie Comeau, Québec, I used to go to the local recreational centre turned roller rink for kids and roller disco my heart out to songs like ‘Rasputin’ (second (video). I also used this song when I presented my honour’s degree play in Russian Studies, as the lead characters were dancing in a Russian disco. For years Boney M and ABBA were the only disco-like music allowed in Russia from the West. Although Boney M was a German band, Farrell was born on the island of Aruba, making him a Dutch citizen. He was living in Amsterdam in recent years.

The irony of him dying in Saint Petersburg like Rasputin did (he was murdered, that’s different) is interesting, as the cause of death is not yet known at this time.

First, a recent Dutch commercial for an insurance company with Bobby Farrell in it, about getting your money fast instead of working ‘crazy like a fool’ and not seeing any money. Second Ra-Ra-Rasputin, a Russian flavoured disco sound known around the world. RIP.


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  1. Audrey says:

    Sorry to hear about Bobby. I actually met the Boney M band in the early 80’s in Tel Aviv, when they were staying there at the Hilton together with my cousins who were on their honeymoon! I had no idea they were a Dutch band, only that I LOVED THEM! :) Go in peace, Bobby!

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