February 3, 2017

Carnival hits 2017: Mexicans, firemen and a favourite

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Nothing divides the Dutch like carnival. This year’s harvest is more about drinking and not thinking, but here are two pre-screened videos for your cringeworthy enjoyment, and a classic that I like to sing along with.

1. Watch ‘Mexicans’ build a wall, with English subtitles in ‘Trumpet’ (Grab ‘m By The Pussy)’ by the Bucket Boys ft. DJ Maurice. This hopefully needs no explanation.

2. Vieze Jack with ‘Brandweerman Jack’ (‘Fireman Jack’) is funny enough to actually watch because he’s so over the top. This time all the dirty lyrics are about being on fire and long nozzles while ripping off disco hit Ma Baker by Boney M.

3. ‘Zachte G harde L’ (Soft G Hard L) by Joss van Oss. The Dutch of the South speak with a less guttural G and considered soft, while the L refers to his dick, as the Dutch word is ‘lul’. Put the rest together yourselves.

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July 28, 2013

Ballet dances to 1977’s Star Wars Theme in cowboy outfits

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Back in 2007 we mentioned Showballet Penney de Jager dancing to Meco’s disco version of the theme of Star Wars on 1970’s Dutch TV show Toppop. This is that video.

In the 1970s bands would playback live—if that description makes sense—to their pop songs on television. Sometimes an artist would not or could not show up and Toppop solved this by having its in-house troupe, Showballet Penney de Jager, do a bit. As for why this pre-recorded routine contains cowboys and motorcycle riders, I don’t know.

In the mid-1980s Toppop was pushed out of the fish tank by Adam Curry’s Countdown which focussed on showing music clips instead of live acts. The ballet’s front lady De Jager, now 65, still performs. Her current troupe Burlesque Express is part of the travelling theater festival De Parade at the moment. The festival has set up its tents in Utrecht and will leave for its final stop this year, Amsterdam, in the week of 5 August.

See also: Dutch 70s hit music show revived on the web

(Link: Boingboing. Photo of Penney de Jager in 1970 by AVRO, some rights reserved)

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July 8, 2011

Retro Friday: Donna Summer on Dutch disco show

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A Dutch friend showed me a YT video of some weird Dutch show called Sjef van Oekels Discohoek (Sjef van Oekel’s Disco corner) that had a young Donna Summer sing ‘The Hostage’. Let’s call this like they call it in Dutch, one from the old box.

Her record company didn’t like it at all, she loved it though at the end host Dolf Brouwers says something like “next time when you’re inviting guests… please take the phone off the hook to avoid interruption!”

I like the way she says ‘Guten Tag’ (Good day German) instead of ‘Goedendag’ (Dutch).

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December 30, 2010

Dutch disco legend Bobby Farrell dies

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Bobby Farrell, frontman of 1970s disco band Boney M has died in Saint-Petersburg, Russia today at the age of 61.

As a little girl in the village of Baie Comeau, Qu├ębec, I used to go to the local recreational centre turned roller rink for kids and roller disco my heart out to songs like ‘Rasputin’ (second (video). I also used this song when I presented my honour’s degree play in Russian Studies, as the lead characters were dancing in a Russian disco. For years Boney M and ABBA were the only disco-like music allowed in Russia from the West. Although Boney M was a German band, Farrell was born on the island of Aruba, making him a Dutch citizen. He was living in Amsterdam in recent years.

The irony of him dying in Saint Petersburg like Rasputin did (he was murdered, that’s different) is interesting, as the cause of death is not yet known at this time.

First, a recent Dutch commercial for an insurance company with Bobby Farrell in it, about getting your money fast instead of working ‘crazy like a fool’ and not seeing any money. Second Ra-Ra-Rasputin, a Russian flavoured disco sound known around the world. RIP.

(Link: depers.nl)

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October 30, 2010

Dennis’ Unbreakable music video

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The latest disco video of tom-boy Dennis (Denise van Donselaar) has her being undressed and dressed again (and again) while girls with triple strap-on breasts dance through clouds of bubbles.

Also good for last-minute Halloween costume ideas. See if you can find the ‘secret level’.

(Link: The Awl. Video: Youtube / ThisIsDennisMusic.)

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