New Lovecraft horror comic album in the works


After managing to secure a nice grant from the Fund for the Visual Arts (BKVB—presumably this was before the government of that nice looking Mr Rutte started its war on leftist hobbies), comics artist Erik Kriek has embarked upon creating a comic version of several stories by American horror giant H.P. Lovecraft.

Zone 5300 has published one of the stories, a nine-pager called From Beyond (illustration), in its 92nd issue which is out now. The editors decided to roll with the horror theme, so that this issue also contains a horror funny called The Truth about your Sister by Hisko Hulsing (the brother of), a Death Boy episode, and Joshua Peeters’ The Host of the Devil.

(Even the Lovecraft story becomes farcical in the hands of a Dutch artist—see the AndrĂ© van Duin-like grimace in the panel above. Dutch horror stories require at the least—in my humble opinion—countless rows of reeds and surprise appearances by that nice Mr Rutte.)

(Illustration: Zone 5300 / Erik Kriek and Zone 5300)

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