Tombstone becomes property of survivors


Tombstones will remain the property of those who bought them in the first place, Minister of the Interior Piet Hein Donner announced last Monday. Until now, cemeteries would assume ownership once the stone was placed on the grave.

Cemeteries, reports, now have to contact the survivors once the grave rights run out. Survivors can then opt to collect the tombstone.

Grave rights in the Netherlands typically last 10 or 20 years. The new regulation enters in force on 1 March, having already been in force since 1 January 2010 for new graves.


  1. wendy says:

    Interesting, does that mean that unclaimed stones will be removed? That owners of claimed stones must ensure they look ‘respectable’ ie repair any damage? I’m not sure what the UK law is on this

  2. I’m curious about this too, but I don’t know. Anybody else?

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