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Everybody owns a Ferrari in this Dutch village


At least that is the conceit that some of the YouTube commenters and Autoblog are taking a stab at:

Welcome to the Netherlands, where the houses are all perfect – almost to a Truman Show level of creepiness – and everyone, without exception, drives a Ferrari. Most people seem to own at least two. At least, that’s what the Netherlands looks like when a Ferrari club rents a bunch of vacation bungalows for a group gathering.

The video was published in 2009.

(Source video: YouTube user Hans308GT4)

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  1. GISELLE says:

    I would like to know where this village is… I’d like to see all those ferraris. That is insane!!!

  2. TJ says:

    It’s actually not a real village. It’s a holiday park. The Ferrari club Netherlands rented a couple of these holiday houses.

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