What have the Nazis ever done for you?


I grew up in Blerick, a town with a town hall but without the political body to inhabit it. See, in 1940 the town was added to the neighbouring city of Venlo by the Nazi occupier, which made the possession of a town hall moot.

Interestingly the previous municipality that Blerick belonged to, Maasbree, once had three different town halls, and the council would rotate among them until in 1904 the Blerick town hall was made the permanent one.

In celebration of Liberation day, daily De Pers summed up 6 of the changes the Nazis made that stuck:

  1. Child support (the Nazis wanted the Arian race to flourish)
  2. Corporate tax (funnily enough, these days our low corporate taxes make us a tax haven, according to the Berserker of Abbottabad)
  3. Central European Time (before that, we had our own sliver of a time zone)
  4. The Frisian islands of Vlieland and Terschelling (formerly of Noord Holland)
  5. Rent control and renter protection (including the right to live in a house forever)
  6. Job protection (including the right to keep a job forever)

In a number of these cases the occupier made into law what was already on the books. In other cases the law was kept because it made sense. For instance, with housing shortages being rather prominent after the war, it made eminent sense to protect renters from price gouging. In such cases the Germans had unwittingly produced both the diseases and the cures.

(Photo of the Blerick town hall by Wikimedia user Torval, some rights reserved)


  1. lef says:

    Yes, it is strange to a lot of folks, that the nazis weren´t evil.
    In fact, its quite the oppsite – they called themselves “national” and ” socialists” – and they were “socialists”, much more then there enemies – the german communists and the soviets socialism. A whole lot of still nowadays existing very social laws are still in use in europe, which are generated by “nazis” – mostly in the yeard between 1933 and 1939. (on the other hand of course they drove jews first out of germany and the occupied parts like netherlands, later – 1942- killed them – that is the more known reality).

    Interesting is the sight on fascism generally (the german one is only a very special typ):

    As every one (worldwide) learns and has to believe is, that fascism = Nazis = Holocaust = evil.
    Here in Germany it is strictly forbidden to say or mention, that there might have been a positive sight , too. (you loose your job immediatly, if you are a politician or TV-guy).

    But that`s dangerous – you (we, people) are unable to perceive an oncoming new fascism, if it is slightly different from the one we learned off. Especially f.e. if it has a leftists mask , coming unter a religious cover a.s.f..

    Every fascism in the beginning is to the majority apparently positive, even may be kindly, seems to offer a way out of a dificult situation, a solution for chaos ff.
    Not every fascism must be contradictional in the beginning (like the nazifascism against jews, communism against individuality, religion against nonbelievers ore gays asf) – the contradiction might come later (but it will come, of course).

    So apparently good (at least better then other offers) was the nazifascism in the beginning, too.

    Not before we see and recognise this fact – and enhance our sight on fascism generally (or the nazifascism in particulary),
    not before this we will be able to recognize and fight against the next oncoming fascism.
    The next one will be different from the last known faschism, but it will be a fascism – and it will appear to be a solution in the beginning.

  2. Branko Collin says:

    Dude, the Nazis were evil. Get over it.

  3. lef says:

    A “Dude” is someone, who “is an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city” (wikipedia), not to forget: intelligent.
    so thanks for the compliment :))

    Up to you I think, you`ve gone to school at least 30 years ago and stopped learning afterwards. Thinking was`nt part of the programm, too, I guess.

    But it seems really hard to get, that the nazis were “National SOCIALISTS “(!), were in the beginnig (´33) not roundabout that “evil”, as the Yankees told the world – though it was needed to tell this fairy tale a while, i agree. Too many germans knew it better those days.
    And the co-winner (Stalin) was very much interested, not to enroll his own history (compared to him Hitler was an altar boy, you might not know. Seen historical Stalin and Mao-Tse-Tung were really the numer-one and two mass murders!).

    Back to you: You haven`t get anything of what I told, so let´s forget it.
    I hope, there are other readers, who do understand, who are able to read (and think).
    I didn`t defend the nazis! I talked about fascism. And the danger of a new fascism.
    What you seem to be part of is the new fascism: Stupid morons, mainstream, anticapitalism, anti jews, feeling “left”.
    Like the nazi-mainstream in those days – just called “right” instead of “left”. But with amazing conformities in nature to the new fascism.

  4. eko says:

    DUDE! – no MATTER what good the Nazis (Germans – really, why split hairs?!) murdered MILLIONS of people – NO matter ANY good they tried to bring is voided by their atrocities!

    • Orangemaster says:

      Stalin murdered 20 odd million people, but it’s not forbidden to talk about him. We’re not daft, it’s just interesting to see these kinds of facts.

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