Dutch hiphop intermezzo


As a DJ, I always end up talking about music with my hairdresser whose taste in music matches her peers: hiphop and R&B. I told her I DJ French rap and hiphop, but she said she doesn’t like music if she can’t understand the lyrics, so it has to be English or Dutch.

Since today is a holiday, here’s some Dutch hiphop with videos that you can look at if you don’t understand the lyrics.

We both agreed on one thing: many wannabees, usually boys of non-Caucasian background who make crappy raps from the one ghetto Amsterdam still has, De Bijlmer (where I actually lived when I immigrated here), should really stop and listen to the ones doing it right.

Here’s THC rooting for Amsterdam and Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap representing the province of Brabant.

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