Lady Gaga goes Dutch design


Bart Hess, 27, from Eindhoven was asked to design a ‘slime dress’ (pic) for Lady Gaga. “I was given free reignrein. It had to have something to do with the album title ‘Born This Way’. The trick was to make sure that the colours were perfect and that it would also stay in place that way.” He went to New York to the photoshoot to slime Gaga into her dress.

Lady Gaga is also rumoured to have been asked to open an exhibition about her at the Groninger Museum, Groningen. Museum director Kees van Twist managed to get singer Bono of U2 to open the exhibition of work by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, so I bet he’s confident he can pull that trick off again.

(Link:, Photo of Lady Gaga by TJ Sengel, some rights reserved.)


  1. Ujjwal says:

    an exhibition about lady gaga is a sure sign of the death of civilization as we know it :)
    btw, “free rein” not “free reign” ! my inner grammar school headmaster’s personal bugbear in terms of incorrect English phrase usage, because it is so darn common…

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Thanks for the language tip, it’s a common mistake and I learnt something!

  3. I love Lady Ga Ga and her style, she oozes confidence and she doesn’t care what people think of her style. She stands out from the rest of the pop world.

  4. Berlin Fashion says:

    Lady Ga Ga is amazing, she has took the fashion world, turned it upside down and made her very own sense of fashion. She is an inspiration for kids who want to be individual.

  5. Oliver says:

    Hey, when it comes to people like Lady Ga Ga, they are all out to shock in order to promote their records, and get people to take notice. I think her music is often overlooked because of the crazy way that she dresses. However, it has to be said that she is totally unique in the way that she does fashion and should be congratulated for her dress sense.

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