Retro Friday: Donna Summer on Dutch disco show


A Dutch friend showed me a YT video of some weird Dutch show called Sjef van Oekels Discohoek (Sjef van Oekel’s Disco corner) that had a young Donna Summer sing ‘The Hostage’. Let’s call this like they call it in Dutch, one from the old box.

Her record company didn’t like it at all, she loved it though at the end host Dolf Brouwers says something like “next time when you’re inviting guests… please take the phone off the hook to avoid interruption!”

I like the way she says ‘Guten Tag’ (Good day German) instead of ‘Goedendag’ (Dutch).

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  1. mare says:

    I remember another episode were the background dancers were stark naked. I thought it was Donna Summer as well, but I might be wrong, it was a while ago. It certainly made an impression on a ten year old boy.

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