Dandelion LED lamp wins Summer Expo 2011


Studio Drift has won the audience award of Summer Expo 2011 with its Fragile Future 3.5, a lamp made of many tiny lights covered with dandelion seeds.

According to Ingeborg van Lieshout at Bright.nl, “wide recognition is exactly what Drift are seeking”.

Shown here is a fragment of the Fragile Future III lamp to show you how dandelion-like these lamps really look like.

Last time we mistakenly reported that Summer Expo 2011 is all about paintings. The actual categories in which professional and amateur artists could enter works are 2D, 3D, Photography and Multimedia.

Our choice of highlighting Annemieke Alberts’ painting Be-spiegelingen back then proved a fortunate one though, as the work won second prize. Third prize went to Tilleke Schwarz’ cloth ‘painting’ Purr Chase.

Today is the last day of the exhibition, so hurry over to the Hague if you want to see and the 247 other works of the expo.

(Photo: Studio Drift)

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