Welcoming the new year with a cannon


Carbidschieten (igniting calcium carbide in a milk churn) is a popular New Year’s eve tradition in the rural areas of the Netherlands.

It seems that these days milk churns are considered too small for a decent bang, and bigger and better cannons are built. Not always with the desired effect. The following video’s were shot in Triemen in Friesland on December 31.

(Video: Youtube / Vancha112)

(Video: Youtube / Uko van der Meulen)

Both videographers have more vids of ‘carbide shooting’ on their Youtube accounts.

Kids should not try this at home.


  1. Green_mantle says:

    How do you say “Hey ya’ll, watch this?” in Dutch?

    Looks like fun since I don’t own the house eh?

  2. Oh dear. What a strange tradition…

  3. eslaporte says:

    Something fitting for this movie could be:
    “Kijken naar dit slecht filmpje !”


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