‘Ban on fries around high schools until 2 pm’



As if there weren’t enough weird bans and rules in Amsterdam, the Labour Party is seriously considering talking to snack bars and asking them not to sell fries to high school children. Some party member was shocked to find out that on a day to celebrate healthy foods at school, some school in the Nieuw West district was serving kebabs and Turkish pizzas, in other words, unhealthy food.

The Nieuw-West district has many children of ethnic origin that are overweight according to the telly. There is even a school in that district where 42% of the children are overweight, many of which eat junk food every day, and their parents thinks that’s fine.

Although Dutch children are also quite healthy compared to other European and North American countries, they drink too much soda and do not eat enough fruit. They are in the middle range in terms of exercise and sports.

And then I still love this picture about healthy eating with utter crap in the vending machine. Some adult doesn’t know right from wrong here either. The breakfast ginger cake the kid is eating in the picture has acrylamide in it, a cancer-causing agent that isn’t even mentioned on the packaging and eight different kinds of sugar.

To get back to the ban: banning won’t help, it will hurt business and annoy ordinary citizens.

Stop protecting uneducated people from themselves and educate them about food. Stop the nannyism already.

(Link: www.volkskrant.nl)


  1. ada says:

    Kebaps are not unhealthy food, and if you remove the fries from them are a really healthy and delicious meal.

  2. Branko Collin says:

    Kebabs are not unhealthy foods in the same way that guns are not dangerous weapons.

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