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Dutch lingerie brand pops up at Harrods for a month


Famous Dutch lingerie Marlies Dekkers will be available for four weeks at Harrods in London until 9 June. Although you can name a plethora of stars from Lady Gaga to Rihanna who sport the famous brand, in my Dutch circle of friends, nobody wears it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very original, especially all the bra straps you can see above your neckline that announce the brand a bit like a whale tail announces your butt coming out of your jeans. No wait, that’s my problem with it: it’s too obvious.

My girlfriends unfortunately associate Dekkers with Dutch women above 35 who are overweight and want to attract attention to their big boobs. Then again, maybe that’s exactly the British equivalent that Harrods is going for.

As for the stars, I’m sure they get custom made Dekkers that look fab.

We gladly wrote about Dekkers winning a prize for a nursing bra, which is very cool.


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