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Transparent trash bag for reusable garbage


Have you ever hesitated to throw something in the trash because although you personally no longer had any use for it, it was still usable?

The incentive prize of the 2010 Dutch Design Awards was won by Waarmaker’s Simon Akkaya and his Goedzak, a transparent bag that you can use to put usable things out with the rest of the trash. Since it is transparent and has a bright yellow band, it should immediately draw the attention of any passer-by.

Not that lack of attention seems to be that much of a problem. In my experience when I have to throw away something like an old keyboard or tennis racket I just wait for a dry night and then put it out in the street by itself. The good stuff gets picked up in no time.

The name Goedzak, literally ‘good bag’, is a pun because it also means ‘kindly person’.

(Photo: Link: Bright and Pop-Up City)

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  1. Jay Vos says:

    In my town of Burlington, Vermont (usually in the Spring or Summer), people just put a sign on the stuff out at the front of the house: “Free Stuff”. That works, too.

  2. Eda E says:

    You can also try Freecycle (in Amsterdam, Delft and Den Haag)

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