Feline aids, a growing problem in Amsterdam


Feline immunodeficiency virus, or commonly called ‘feline aids’, is being diagnosed more and more in Amsterdam’s cats, according to local cat catchers. Almost 10% of the cats caught just this year have contracted the disease, mostly found in male cats that are not castrated.

Once diagnosed, sick cats have to be put to sleep because there is no cure for the disease and they could easily infect other cats, although not humans, by the way. The story goes that cats on ships carried the disease over from far away, but then that’s been said about every modern disease.

If more cats are castrated, the problem would more manageable, cat catchers say. The other classic theory is that in times of crisis, people don’t spend money on things like castrating their cats.

(Link: binnenland.nieuws.nl, Photo of Dead cat by ndanger, some rights reserved)


  1. Jay Vos says:

    If people can’t afford to have their cats neutered, then why don’t the humane societies or similar groups provide it for free?

  2. Responsible Cat Owner says:

    This is sad. I’ve noticed that the spay and neuter campaigns that I was used to seeing regular reminders about in the U.S. are not so visible in NL. I’m not sure if they even have awareness programs for this. There are so many cats running around, breeding out of hand, and now this new epidemic — which is also preventable. Is it that people don’t want to pay money for a vet? I really don’t understand it. If you love your cat (or dog) then you take care of their health. To me, that’s just a no-brainer. I keep my cat indoors, which some Dutch folks think is wrong. Why? She has a good life and she doesn’t get filthy, beaten up, drowned in a canal, or diseased. She’s also been spayed in case she does manage to slip out the door! Yes, I am wagging my finger at Dutch pet owners if it isn’t obvious! CARE FOR YOUR PETS OR DO NOT HAVE PETS.

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