Watch with holes for numbers by Michiel Cornelissen


Designer Michiel Cornelissen created this watch for Lorenz after the Italian watch maker had heard of his experience with 3D printing and laser cutting.

The watch has a face that consists of several layers (the name of the watch, Camada, means layer in Portuguese). Holes cut out of those layers represent the time.

Cornellisen writes:

In Camada, I wanted the time-telling aspect of the watch face to be integrated into the form and build of the watch, rather than applied as a graphical element.

For this purpose, I proposed to build the entire watch up from layers of metal, to be joined in a process called brazing. The first layer of the face indicates the hour division of the watch, while subsequent layers provide a minute indication – creating functionality while giving depth and structure to the product.

Lorenz decided not to manufacture the watch because their processes currently cannot handle the design.

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  1. …and this is the reason why industrial designers should work in close conjunction with engineering.

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