May 10, 2013

Watch with holes for numbers by Michiel Cornelissen

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Designer Michiel Cornelissen created this watch for Lorenz after the Italian watch maker had heard of his experience with 3D printing and laser cutting.

The watch has a face that consists of several layers (the name of the watch, Camada, means layer in Portuguese). Holes cut out of those layers represent the time.

Cornellisen writes:

In Camada, I wanted the time-telling aspect of the watch face to be integrated into the form and build of the watch, rather than applied as a graphical element.

For this purpose, I proposed to build the entire watch up from layers of metal, to be joined in a process called brazing. The first layer of the face indicates the hour division of the watch, while subsequent layers provide a minute indication – creating functionality while giving depth and structure to the product.

Lorenz decided not to manufacture the watch because their processes currently cannot handle the design.

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