Amsterdam makes list of worst cities for pickpocketing


When I saw this list, I tried first to guess which cities would be on it. Barcelona for sure, having been there and having heard how bad it was, and then I assumed some South American city, but had not guessed Buenos Aires specifically.

What I didn’t expect was Amsterdam. I mean, there are so many other bigger European cities, but then a dense city centre probably does make for easy pickings. The article mentions drunk tourists being an easy target and I can picture that.

On a side note, I lost my wallet last Sunday for the first time in like 12 years after a very long weekend, albeit in a good part of town, and only noticed it the next day. Someone picked it up and brought it to the nearest police station and called me, so all good.

(Link: Illustration: fragment of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Conjurer)

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