July 12, 2018

Dutch university tries new way to catch criminals

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As of yesterday, the police, together with Eindhoven University of Technology, started a trial using data correlation to determine the bad behaviour of criminals such as pickpockets more quickly.

In Roermond, Limburg, a city next to both Belgium and Germany that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors from other countries every day for their outlet shopping centre, the city has a major pickpocketing problem. A university team led by data-mining professor Mykola Pechenizkiy is helping the police analyse various databases containing information about shopping centre visitors, including automatically recognised number plates, data collected for marketing purposes, messages on social media and camera images.

Of course, privacy is an important part of this project for both the criminals and visitors. “For this reason, we also work closely with the mayor and public prosecutor, for example. Based on the experiences in the living labs, they can assess the impact on the privacy of citizens and decide whether this is acceptable in order to achieve the desired goals’, explains Marius Monen of the university’s Data Science Centre.

In Rotterdam a while back, a dynamic teenage duo was following pickpockets, taking pictures and calling the cops on them.

(Link: phys.org, Photo: of Dutch police officers politie.nl)

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September 13, 2013

Amsterdam makes list of worst cities for pickpocketing

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When I saw this list, I tried first to guess which cities would be on it. Barcelona for sure, having been there and having heard how bad it was, and then I assumed some South American city, but had not guessed Buenos Aires specifically.

What I didn’t expect was Amsterdam. I mean, there are so many other bigger European cities, but then a dense city centre probably does make for easy pickings. The article mentions drunk tourists being an easy target and I can picture that.

On a side note, I lost my wallet last Sunday for the first time in like 12 years after a very long weekend, albeit in a good part of town, and only noticed it the next day. Someone picked it up and brought it to the nearest police station and called me, so all good.

(Link: www.escapehere.com. Illustration: fragment of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Conjurer)

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