Noise during exams and other complaints


Every year at exam time the media reports on how many complaints the LAKS (national action committee for students) receives because it’s always quite a lot. This year, the tally is currently at 108,000, as compared to last year’s 147,000, with one more exam to go today.

Besides thousands of legitimate complaints about exams being too long, too complicated or just badly written, there’s some funny bits mostly related to noise. One girl complained about the djembe lessons above the classroom where she was doing her exam, saying she couldn’t concentrate. Apparently noise from a music class is a classic complaint.

In a similar category, students have complained about screaming kids coming by the exam room window who were doing their cycling test outdoors (yes, children do cycling tests here). And then to really drive home a point about noise, some students had their thoughts drowned out by a Formula 1 racing car that was ripping through town during the making of a commercial.

Then there’s general weirdness like a student with a pimple on his neck that distracted another student, the exam monitor falling asleep and snoring really loud, and good old hay fever from open windows. The most controversial could be the male students complaining about the short skirts and shorts of the female students that distracted them.


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