Jazz legend Toots Thielemans dies, the Dutch angle


Jazz legend Toots Thielemans dies, the Dutch angle

Here’s a screenshot of the character ‘Baantjer’ from the show of the same name for which Toots Thielemans performed the theme on the mouth harmonica. Thielemans has died today, aged 94. He was very talented and played several instruments, and was well known for playing the mouth harmonica, among others, for Dutch films and series.

Here’s the theme to the Dutch detective series ‘Baantjer’ Circle of smiles (yeah, screenshot typo) composed by Jurre Haanstra, a show that ran for eleven years. And then there’s the catchy intro music to Paul Verhoeven’s classic Dutch film ‘Turks Fruit’ (‘Turkish Delight’), composed by Rogier van Otterloo and performed by Toots Thielemans, a tune many people can whistle to, no problem.

Find out more about Toots Thielemans yourself, as the international name dropping could go on for days.

And then there’s his most popular tune ever, which most of our readers surely know. Can you guess what it could be before you press play? Hint: it’s 47 years old.

(Link: www.theguardian.com)

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