Sisters give birth twice on the same day


Two sisters from the region of Twente, Overijssel have recently given birth on the same day. In fact, this is the second time the sisters have given birth on the same day. And that’s not all: Jennie and Gerita have actually been pregnant three times at the same time. Sadly, the first time they both were pregnant Jannie had a miscarriage and Gerita had an ectopic pregnancy.

A year later, Gerita told Jennie she was pregnant again and Jennie’s mouth fell open: she was pregnant as well and as a precaution hadn’t told anybody yet. And they had their babies on the same day.

Both sisters ended up giving birth on the same day the third time around as well. However, due to complications with Gerita’s pregnancy, her baby was to be born one week earlier than planned, which was one day before Jannie’s baby was to be delivered. Both children were eventually born on the same day.

They both joked that it’s going to be very complicated with birthday parties for quite some time.

(Link:, Photo of Crying baby by Chalky Lives, some rights reserved)


  1. The title makes it sound like they each of them had 2 deliveries the same day… I had to read the article to figure out that actually they both gave birth on the same day, again.

    Comment by Michelangelo — January 20, 2017 @ 3:05 pm

  2. That was the whole point of the title :)

    Comment by Orangemaster — January 20, 2017 @ 3:18 pm

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