Dutch Eurovision entry, a close harmony extravaganza


The Netherlands has traded in the three ‘drumming dolls’ of Treble (2006) for a trio of women who don’t drum, but sing in close harmony called O’G3NE as contestants for this year’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The close harmony is too much for me, it almost sounds like someone is using Auto-Tune instead of actually singing, making it all sound overproduced. The lyrics aren’t appealing to me as a native English speaker, especially fudging the expression ‘turning the pages’ (‘turning the page’) to make the rhyme work. As well, ‘more’ doesn’t quite rhyme with ‘insecure’, which also grates. I would like this song more if I heard some sincerity in the voices, like they care about what they are singing, but I’m not hearing it even though it’s very clear they have singing talent. Oh, and modulating the chorus twice (!) in the song is not helping, either.

Just like many comments on YouTube, it’s not catchy. I can picture some dancers on stage, maybe that will happen, who knows, but I don’t feel this is going to be a winner. I’ve been wrong before, but have a listen yourselves.

(Photo of Microphone by visual dichotomy, some rights reserved)

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  1. PapaVanTwee says:

    I’m kinda torn. It’s well done, you have to give them that. Very tight harmonies. I see the emotion, but only in the person singing lead at that moment. If you like Wilson Philips, you will like this as well.

    But I’m not a big fan of Wilson Philips. So it’s not a song for me. I put the possibility of winning at around 33%, since so far there’s nothing else I’ve heard that I’ve liked.

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