Dutch drugstore peddles colouring book with Hitler



Ah yes, it’s truly springtime for Hitler.

A colouring book from Dutch drugstore chain Kruidvat, handed out with a specific condom brand, contains an image of Hitler making a Nazi salute and wearing a Swastika armband, in what has to be one of the oddest sentences I’ve written in a while, with the exception of the title of this posting.

The story started making the rounds after it hit Dutch social media and was quickly removed after being on sale for half a day by the chain, followed by some apologising and refunds. The colouring book also includes other historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln.

Why a condom manufacturer is handing out colouring book is beyond me. The book was printed in India, which incidentally is where the original symbol of the Swastika comes from, but how that connects in any way, shape or form to a dictator in a colouring book offered by a condom company remains a mystery.

Links: waarmaarraar.nl, bbc.com, Photo by Adam Jones, some rights reserved)

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