Amsterdam hosts world’s first Bicycle Architecture Biennale



On 14 June, Amsterdam will play host to the world’s first international Bicycle Architecture Biennale, an event organised by cycling innovation agency CycleSpace and held at the Zuiveringshal, located at a former industrial terrain in Amsterdam West.

The Biennale will show off the work of 14 international designers from around the world and aims to see how cycling can improve urban living and how design solutions can inspire and facilitate greater cycling uptake as well as meet transit needs.

One of the main themes is the bicycle in the hierarchy of architecture, having traditionally always been less important than cars and even horses. Amsterdam is known as putting cycling first in many cases and is seen as a proper starting point for the event. The Biennale will have architects, urban planners, designers and many other thinkers work on ideas for the future.

(Link:, Photo of the ‘De Groene Verbinding’ (‘The Green Connection’) by Mark Wagenbuur)

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