American crayfish ‘invading’ Utrecht



In the Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood in the west of Utrecht, American crayfish are ‘invading’ people’s gardens and scaring people walking their dogs as they walk on land. We told you about these pesky Procambarus clarkii, aka Louisiana crayfish last year, creeping around The Green Heart part of the country.

The red beasts love the stagnant water found in the Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood and bury their eggs in the area.

The options for getting rid of them include eating them, but you will need a lot of them to make a meal. And then there’s folks who give them to family around the country once they’ve caught them, increasing the risk of spreading the crayfish around even more.

The Internet says you can also keep them as pets in a tank.

(Link:, Screenshot from Omroep West quoted in the posting).

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  1. TimJ says:

    Funny, I’ve been seeing these walking around on the roads while I’m out cycling.

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