Dutch designer creates vest to replace IV pole



Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Alissa Rees from Amsterdam has designed a trendy-looking vest called the ‘IV-Walk’ that doubles as a mobile IV unit, an alternative to the IV pole patients usually have to walk around with. This innovative design won Rees two Brains Awards this summer, one for Best Innovation and one for Best Overall Idea, prizes that came with 2,000 and 3,000 euro respectively.

“The look and feel are more like a personal wearable item and less like a piece of medical equipment, which helps create a more positive mindset as well”, explains Rees. What’s more, Rees came up with the idea while a patient herself, in hospital at age 19 when she was being treated for acute leukemia from which she has now completely recovered. “When you’re sick and lying in bed, you have a lot of time to think. I saw all kinds of things that could be improved in the sterile environnement.

(Link: tubantia.nl, designacademy.nl, Photo of IV-Walk alissarees.com)

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