Flemish brochure features Amsterdam by mistake



The Flemish government used a picture of Amsterdam for a publication on figures for 2017, the original link of which has been pulled for now because they’ve made themselves a laughing stock for the time being.

The coordinator of the official brochure claimed they had no idea it was a picture of Amsterdam. “We chose the picture because it’s a dynamic image that also radiates diversity”, which is a cringeworthy nod to the fun non-white guy on the bike in the foreground whose friends have been tagging him on Facebook like crazy by the way. I mean he’s the ‘diversity’ that’s being pointed out, right? Hand offs, he’s ‘our’ diversity Flanders, get your own.

The street is Runstraat, a fun shopping street downtown Amsterdam part of the ‘negen straatjes’ or the nine little streets.

(Link and image: parool.nl)

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