4DX technology hits theatres in December


As of December, cinema theatres Pathé De Munt in Amsterdam and Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam will open their first ever 4D cinema theatres, which include moving chairs, weather simulations like wind, and odours.

The 4DX technology that will be used adds 20 elements to films. Besides motion, weathers and smells, chairs can also move up and down, backwards and forwards, even left and right to get a feel for flying or diving, not unlike a rollercoaster ride, but more like a heavy duty video game.

Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for the fun, and although it hasn’t been determined yet, French cinemas that already offer the service charge an additional 6 euro, to give you an idea. The 4DX cinemas will only have about 150 seats available, with four seats next to each other, and will also have special seats for people with limited mobility.

(Link: bright.nl, tallfoot, some rights reserved)

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