Giving bamboozle structures the attention they deserve



Timo Scholte of the Eindhoven University of Technology has given bamboozle structures some proper attention.

“They consist of 51 equilateral triangles, meeting pairwise at an angle of about 70.5 degrees (arccos 1/3). The four colours correspond to the four orientations of the triangles. There are 15 yellow triangles, and 12 triangles of each red, green, and blue. The smallest cycle involves 10 triangles.”

Stay with me.

“Though the search for new bamboozle structures proved unfruitful, we found that the hexagonal bamboozle structure was in fact not a bamboozle structure, discovered that the square bamboozle structure and the four-coloured rectangular bamboozle structure actually form continuous families, and gained a better understanding of the bamboozle structure and what areas should be considered to find a complete list of possible structures.”

Class dismissed.

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