Win tickets by whistling like a walrus


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Can you whistle louder than Nikolai the walrus? If you can or at least you think you can, the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, Gelderland wants to see a video of you trying. Before Monday 19 March you can send in a film with your whistling talent at, according to newspaper De Stentor.

It’s mating season at the Dolfinarium and that is why Nikolai is displaying his whistling talent. Apparently, he’s already scored twice and can be heard whistling from three kilometres away, delighting the villagers.

The Dolfinarium is giving away two free tickets and two VIP tickets for the walrus presentation to the person that can imitate Nikolai the best. Yes, all the jokes imaginable have popped up in my head as I wrote this.

Here’s Nikolai and Natasja a while back showing off their vuvuzela skills.

(Link:, screenshot: YouTube)

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