Dutch designer launches app against knock-offs


Dutch furniture and interior design company Moooi has launched their own app, so that customers can verify the authenticity of the products they buy from the company. Moooi’s products all have a unique digital identity in the shape of a flower that customers can scan, which contains a wireless chip. Moooi has described it as “a tiny digital superhero that provides Moooi products with an authentic digital identity.”

Moooi launched the initiative as a way of helping their customers in the face of a growing number of counterfeits. At present, many companies stick holograms on their products, rely on customs control border forces to check or even using DNA spray. “But all these solutions are only really doable by people working at the border, so you’re not protecting average customers,” explained Jan Haarhuis, a specialist in customer experience at Moooi. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

(Link and photo: dezeen.com)

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  1. “This app has access to:
    – Phone

    read phone status and identity

    – Photos/Media/Files

    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

    – Storage

    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

    – Device ID & call information

    read phone status and identity

    – Other

    full network access
    control Near Field Communication
    draw over other apps”

    Does an app that needs to contact a chip usually need this many permissions?

    Comment by Branko Collin — November 14, 2018 @ 10:42 am

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