New, international wall murals in Amsterdam East


Artists Kaspar van Leek, 35, from Studio Giftig and Niels van Swaemen, 37, painted one of the 10 wall murals that can be found in Amsterdam East on the Platanenweg. Their mural, 10 metres by 15 metres, depicts a floating woman surrounded by doves [scroll down a bit]. “The dove is a symbol for freedom and also for Amsterdam,” says Van Leek, while floating here represents complete freedom.

Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) had a hand in organising most of it, a collective that has been around for 10 years, pleading for the acceptance of street art as an art form.

Flat residents were asked for their opinion, something ASA makes a point of, and the art was created at the same time as renovations happened, the ideal time for something new. The only things the residents did not want was sex and anything morbid. Dan Kitchener, an artist from English who painted the wall mural in the photo above, went for a geisha, which doesn’t really fit the theme, but they made an exception for Kitchener.

The neighbourhood has been spruced up and why not visit it if you can.

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