October 22, 2010

Dread saint allowed to continue rampage

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The advertising authority (Reclame Code Commissie) has given the poster for Dick Maas’ new horror film Sint the green light this afternoon, NOS Nieuws reports.

‘Concerned parents’ had complained about the poster for being too scary and for being contrary to the traditional way Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) is viewed in the Netherlands. The advertising authority pointed out, correctly in my view, that nothing in the way Sinterklaas is portrayed in the poster (see illustration) deviates much from the way the good (or in this case evil) saint tends to be depicted.

However, the movie is a different story. Since that one is rated age 16 and older, nimby parents would have had little to complain about. I hope Sint puts the whiners all in the sack this year, and carries them back to Spain for further punishment—it is the traditional way!

The movie will be released November 11 in the Netherlands and Belgium. Rumours have it that Sint will already be lurking the cobblestone streets of these misty lands by then. Unofficially, of course.

(Source photo: Facebook / SintdeFilm. Source video: YouTube / Parapromo)

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August 9, 2009

Pollster Maurice de Hond too reliable for TV ad

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The Dutch advertising authority has judged a TV advertisement non-compliant because well-known and presumably very impartial pollster Maurice de Hond is pushing the wares of a utility company, reports De Volkskrant (Dutch).

In the ad, De Hond compares rates of competing utility companies, and claims that viewers can make substantial savings. The advertising authority, Reclame Code Commissie, says (largely paraphrased):

Maurice de Hond has been famous for years as an impartial researcher. He (still) has a certain trust with a substantial part of the TV audience. The advertisement uses this trust, because De Hond refers to his own research.

The advertising authority therefore feels that therefore the ad is in violation of article 11.2 of its own code, which states that advertising and other programming must be clearly separated. Since the authority has no legal, er, authority, it can only ask the advertiser to stop broadcasting this particular ad.

De Hond responded on Twitter: “Glad they did not say ‘not reliable enough!'”

(Photo by DJ, TV host, Wikipedian and De Hond’s son Marc, some rights reserved.)

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