October 8, 2013

Touch Van Gogh without leaving the comfort of home

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Last week Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum launched the ‘Touch Van Gogh’ app, allowing people to examine paintings by Vincent van Gogh in minute detail. The app is free and lets people ‘discover the secrets of Van Gogh’s painting techniques and learn more about his working methods.’

The app shows how a painting looked before restoration, exactly where it was painted, where the paint has become discoloured, and how the composition is constructed. This English-language app is available for iOS 6 and Android, and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Touch van Gogh is available in the exhibition ‘Van Gogh at work’, which will run until 12 January 2014. This anniversary exhibition features how Van Gogh developed, through ten years of working and learning, into ‘a unique artist with an astounding oeuvre’.

(Link: www.dutchdailynews.com, Photo of Van Gogh Museum poster by Elias Rovielo, some rights reserved)

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July 31, 2012

Civ Orbis, Amsterdam in 1572, wins prize

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Civ Orbis, a Dutch mobile phone app, has won ‘Best App from a Satellite Location’ at the iOSDevCamp 2012 (scroll down for Civ Orbis), which was held in Amsterdam from 20 to 22 July 2012.

Civis Orbis allows the user to experience the cities of Europe as they existed in the 16th century. Using maps from the Civitates orbis terrarium, you can explore and learn about Amsterdam, Cologne, and Bruges, with more cities on the way. As you visit each landmark in the cities and learn interesting historical facts, you be able to check in, share the experience with your friends, and see what others have posted. You also be able to select tours tailored to your interests in each city.

And yes, it is available for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

“We wrote this app from scratch in less than 48 hours,” explains Nelson Ferraz of the Civ Orbis Team.

(Link: appsterdam.rs)

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December 14, 2011

Shop in heavenly peace using a web app

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Avoid the Shopping Crowds is a very simple web app to avoid the madding crowds during holiday shopping in Amsterdam. However, it only takes into account the main shopping areas: downtown, the ‘9 straatjes’ area, South, and the Arena shopping mall.

Downtown is always kind of busy, as it is also full of tourists all year round, while the ‘9 straatjes’ is full of locals trying to avoid downtown. South is quite spread out, but has its busy moments, and the Arena shopping mall, somewhat out of town, should be avoided at all costs when there’s a football match going on.

“Most people don’t have the luxury to go shopping when nobody else does,” app builders THEY (that’s their name) claim.

I disagree: there are enough part-time working women (75% of all working Dutch women!), stay-at-home parents (mostly moms), unemployed, students with free periods, pensioners, tourists and self-employed to make me stress out during the day as well, never mind anyone in these categories coming from outside the city. In fact, it often feels like nobody works and everybody has busloads of disposable income.

Here’s what the Haarlemmerdijk (slightly out of downtown) looked like in 2008 during Christmas. The clincher is the traffic trying to get by the delivery trucks and all blocking the road. And it is a great shopping street.

(Link: www.amsterdamadblog.com)

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