September 24, 2010

Philips GoGear Connect: an Android phone without the phone?

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Engadget is none too impressed in their hands-on review with Philips’ latest Android PMP, the GoGear Connect:

Overall, we came away feeling like this is an interesting version 1.0 effort in a world of version 2.0 and 3.0 Android devices — and considering that Philips has mostly been a no-show in the smartphone game for the past several years, we can’t say we blame them for the Connect’s shortcomings. […] In the meantime, €250 (about $320) for a rough-around-the-edges 16GB media player — even more for the 32GB model — is a tough sell.

The tech-blog is hopeful though:

Dedicated PMPs aren’t necessarily a hot category at the moment, but add a year or two of refinement and some 3G radios to this bad boy, and there’s no reason to think the Dutch giant couldn’t get back into the phone race in a big way.

(Photo: Philips Communications)

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