October 11, 2015

Dutch children try foreign breakfasts

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Children in the Netherlands

Watch Dutch kids give their uncensored and blunt little opinions on breakfast foods from around the world. Some of the kids here have bad table manners meant to be cute, a friendly warning to anyone on the misophonia spectrum. And the amount of gel in the little boys hair is also a Dutch thing that nobody understands.

One boy thinks many types of breakfast come from the Philippines. One of the girls calls Vegemite on toast ‘a shit sandwich’ and seems to not have learnt to eat with utensils or have any kind of table manners. A few points go to the girl who enjoys Costa Rican rice and beans for breakfast.

Dutch children in this video eat chocolate sprinkles on toast for breakfast, which is junk food, so I hope their parents feed them real food otherwise, not just hair gel.

(Link: www.welingelichtekringen.nl, photo of random children: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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March 6, 2007

Dutch breakfast multitasking

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Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has designed a product for Holland Electro called the Wave TV. It combines a microwave with a 15″ TV and DVD player. It is currently being sold in more than 30 countries.

(Tip: Huphtur, Photo: marcelwanders)

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