Dutch children try foreign breakfasts


Children in the Netherlands

Watch Dutch kids give their uncensored and blunt little opinions on breakfast foods from around the world. Some of the kids here have bad table manners meant to be cute, a friendly warning to anyone on the misophonia spectrum. And the amount of gel in the little boys hair is also a Dutch thing that nobody understands.

One boy thinks many types of breakfast come from the Philippines. One of the girls calls Vegemite on toast ‘a shit sandwich’ and seems to not have learnt to eat with utensils or have any kind of table manners. A few points go to the girl who enjoys Costa Rican rice and beans for breakfast.

Dutch children in this video eat chocolate sprinkles on toast for breakfast, which is junk food, so I hope their parents feed them real food otherwise, not just hair gel.

(Link: www.welingelichtekringen.nl, photo of random children: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


  1. Corne.sgroot says:

    After reading your article I can only come to one conclusion. You do not understand the Dutch culture. Further more yes sprinklers are full of sugar but I hardly see any fat Dutch kids. So what is the problem?

  2. Bill (Papa Van Twee) says:

    While I was watching the video, the subtitles cut out in the middle. Thankfully, I am far enough along n my Dutch that I understood. I think I’ll be watching a whole lot more of those since it is a part of a series.

  3. Orangemaster says:

    Yes, subtitles died in the middle, but all the spitting up food made things clear :)

    A quick Google check says about 20-22% of Dutch children are overweight, but OK, that’s a Western world issue. There are a lot of fat kids in my neighbourhood.

    I think parents owe it to their children to feed them actual food, not empty calories.

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