August 24, 2013

Diederik Stapel for hire as a chauffeur

Filed under: General by Branko Collin @ 5:01 pm

The Netherlands’ favourite scientific fraudster, Diederik Stapel, is at it again.

The former psychology professor, whose name ironically also means ‘crazy’, has started offering zinritten, ‘mind rides’. He explains on his website:

Always on the move, from A to B, hurried, no time for reflection, for distance, for perspective. […] Diederik offers himself as your driver and conversation partner who won’t just get you from A to B, but who would also like to add meaning and disruption to your travel time. He will […] listen to what you have to say or talk to you about what fascinates, surprises or angers you. [Slightly paraphrased for brevity—Branko]


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