October 31, 2013

Pimp up your camera with Kapsones lens hoods

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Kapsones, the Dutch word for ‘putting on airs’, is a colourful line of custom lens hoods — a bit like covers for your smartphone — recently launched in design-friendly Eindhoven.

“There are four styles to choose from: Baroque (an old fashioned look), Knitted (self explanatory), Stealth (sharp and angled), and Street (looks like a cobblestone road). Each design comes in several colours that you can choose from when ordering.”

Since it is a start-up, the lineup of compatible lenses isn’t very extensive yet: Canon 28-80, 28-90, 18-55 mm IS, and 18-35 mm IS II. The price starts at 20 euro.

Check out their promotional video:

Kapsones from Van Alles Wat Ontwerp on Vimeo.

(Link and image: petapixel.com)

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November 1, 2010

“If you really want to take interesting photographs, you should not try to”

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Hans Aarsman is a man who one day, in the middle of his career, sold all his cameras and stopped being a professional photographer.

How he got to that point and how photography managed to get him back, he explained last year at TEDx Amsterdam:

Aarsman recently started an English language photography blog that might interest you.

He is also the guy behind the Kleine Hans award.

(Video: Vimeo/TEDx)

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