“If you really want to take interesting photographs, you should not try to”


Hans Aarsman is a man who one day, in the middle of his career, sold all his cameras and stopped being a professional photographer.

How he got to that point and how photography managed to get him back, he explained last year at TEDx Amsterdam:

Aarsman recently started an English language photography blog that might interest you.

He is also the guy behind the Kleine Hans award.

(Video: Vimeo/TEDx)


  1. Dave Hampton says:

    Really an interesting video: I have to think some about his idea that photography is playing with memory rather than just with light.

  2. […] of this series is the woman at the shooting gallery. This is the sort of photography that made Hans Aarsman quit photography altogether, because he realized that as a professional he could never attain this level of […]

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