November 21, 2016

Dutch-born Republican to head CIA

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In a special post-American election edition of ‘Zoek de Nederlander’ (‘Find the Dutch person’) where the Dutch media finds remote Dutch connections for the sake of a story, Groningen-born, Republican Pete Hoekstra is being touted as the new big cheese of the CIA. Hoekstra, 63, who lives in Michigan and may or may not speak a few words of Dutch, claimed he worked hard on Trump’s campaign and knows which direction he wants to take the United States [insert all of the jokes right here].

Hoekstra is an American who emigrated when he was three, which is why ‘Zoek de Nederlander’ is always a sad attempt by the Dutch press to remain internationally relevant, the same press that treats long-time Dutch folks of other ethnicities as if they didn’t count when it suits them. Other attempts at finding ‘Dutchiness’ have included Britney Spears, Tiger Woods and Dave Benton. On the opposite end of the scale is Anne Frank who was never Dutch (she was German), but many people think she was or enjoy saying that her not being Dutch was ‘just a formality’.


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July 17, 2007

CIA protects its own army in Nijmegen

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Armed American security agents are actually participating in the annual ‘Nijmegen Vierdaagse’ (International Four Day Marches Nijmegen) under cover to protect the American military. The Dutch are perplexed as this is perfectly illegal, but the Dutch government probably enjoys being walked all over (pardon the pun) by the Americans. Although almost 4,600 men and women from 17 different countries are being protected by armed Dutch security services, the Americans apparently felt the need to protect the 65 American men and women participating in the event. There are also 1,716 Dutch military and 936 British military doing the Four Day Marches as well, albeit with much less babysitting.

My two cents: having lived in Nijmegen for years, my stomach turned everytime I saw small boys cheering on the American soldiers and completely ignoring the 300 Canadian cadets that participated every year.

Dutch parents, please give your children a history lesson and bring them to the nearby military cemetery in Goesbeek to find out who died to protect your neck of the woods and your freedom (2,331 Canadians were buried there).

(Link: NieuwNieuws)

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