October 31, 2007

Tiny portably, modular, “luxury” hotel room

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[Top-to-bottom visualisation of a hotel room]

This hotel room may look small, but it has everything the weary conference goer may need to relax. According to its maker, Philips: flat screen TV, free movies, free wifi and coloured mood lighting. CitizenM, started by Mexx founder Ratten Chadha’s son Robin, will exploit a hotel based on a number of these plug-n-play rooms near Schiphol airport. Plug-n-play refers to the room itself; each room is a module that can be plugged in and out of the hotel in presumably a matter of seconds, as only four cables need to be connected—or jacked in, as they will say in the future.

Say, here’s a revolutionary idea! Why not jack in the person, instead of the room?

(Via Geen Commentaar (Dutch) and Engadget.)

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