July 27, 2018

Dutch heatwave breaks a bunch of records

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Dutch weather, which is usually measured in De Bilt, Utrecht by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) tells us we’re officially experiencing a national heatwave. Yesterday, temperatures hit 30 degrees at 11:20, the third consecutive day of ‘tropical’ weather, which here means above 30 degrees. And it’s only considered a heatwave if there are five consecutive days of 25 degrees or higher, with three days of 30 degrees or higher.

Heat records were broken at 15 of the country’s 33 weather stations in the Netherlands yesterday. Arcen in Limburg was the hottest, with a maximum of 38.2 degrees. Terschelling’s record was broken with the biggest difference, 1.6 degrees higher than the previous record.

Temperatures in De Bilt have been 25 degrees or higher since July 15, which makes it 13 days running if you count today. The record is 18 days, from July 29 to August 15 in 1975 and many people believe it might be broken.

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(Link: nu.nl)

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