August 22, 2011

The art web shop of a failed banker

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Trendbeheer points out that the website of former banker Dirk Scheringa is selling some of his art, that is to say paintings of Adriana van Zoest, Ed van der Kooy and Sabine Liebchen.

Scheringa was a cop turned banker who lost his empire when a character called Pieter Lakeman, claiming to represent disgruntled clients of Scheringa’s bank (DSB), caused a bank run. Part of the bankruptcy was the art collection for the modern art museum Scheringa was in the process of building, so presumably the paintings he is selling belong to his private collection.

DSB clients were dissatisfied with the bank because it, like so many other banks in the Netherlands, sold woekerpolissen, insurances that come with sky-high hidden administrative costs. It seems the government and the Dutch central bank needed a fall guy, and they let DSB topple, a thought that scares me more than the shenanigans of the banks themselves.

Shown here is the larger than life painting (145 x 265 cm) Lo-May by Ed van der Kooy, which the website recommends for its attention to detail.

See also: Scheringa museum half empty and free to visit.

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November 3, 2009

DSB bank director Dirk Scheringa in South Park

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I saw this while not being able to fall asleep two weeks ago and I just realised that it was poking excellent fun at the recently bankrupt DSB bank.

“Aaaand it’s gone!”

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October 22, 2009

Scheringa museum half empty and free to visit

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Back in May, we told you about the Scheringa Museum getting robbed at gunpoint. That’s right, the museum named after Dirk Scheringa, art collector and owner of the museum as well as director of the very recently bankrupted Dutch DSB bank.

Not only did the museum reopen its doors on 21 October, but you no longer have to pay the 7 euro to get in: it’s free, since it’s only half full. Although the robbery only deprived the museum of a priceless Dali and a Lempicka, the Dutch ABN Amro bank has confiscated Scheringa’s entire collection, resulting in a half empty museum. In some halls on the nails that held up many a painting notes have been placed by staff asking visitors to leave their comments about the ‘situation’.

(Link: trouw, Photo:

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