March 1, 2016

Dutch Twitter row over chocolate Easter eggs

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It’s time for another holiday controversy, one that revolves around chocolate Easter eggs sold at Dutch chain store HEMA. The store calls one type of its milk chocolate Easter eggs ‘eggs for hiding’ for the purpose of an egg hunt, but omitting the word ‘Easter’ has led to hate-filled comments from Dutch Twitter conspiracy theorists living in their own echo chamber. ‘The H in HEMA stands for Halal instead of Holland’ and other hateful nonsense is doing the rounds, effectively helping the rest of us weed out the nutters just in time for some online spring cleaning.

Part of Dutch Twitter went down the rabbit hole claiming, with no proof whatsoever, that HEMA was pandering to Muslims by removing the word ‘Easter’ in their ‘eggs for hiding’. HEMA claims it has been calling one type of its milk chocolate eggs ‘eggs for hiding’ for 10 years now because there’s a gold one and that makes them great for Easter egg hunts. After one ‘offending’ picture on Twitter, people jumped on the bandwagon because it sounded plausible if you ignore the pesky facts that get in the way of blind hate.

HEMA sells pork products, Christmas stuff, Easter stuff, Sinterklaas stuff, even head scarves that offends absolutely nobody.


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April 12, 2009

Easter bunnies

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We don’t do this often, but we need a break. Call it Easter and the nice weather we’re finally having in the Netherlands.

And we’ll be back tomorrow!


March 23, 2008

Snowy Easter in Amsterdam

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Snopes says “the last time Easter fell on so early a date was 1913, and the next time it will do so will be in the year 2160.” It’s barely spring, and some late snow is melting on the petals of this daffodil, or paasbloem as it is also called in Dutch (Easter flower).

This weekend will have been the coldest Easter in the Netherlands sinds 1964, although the holiday then took place a week later, according to the Dutch meteorological institute, KNMI. Including this year, frost was recorded at De Bilt (in the middle of the country) during 14 Easters since 1901.

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