October 21, 2009

Funk band Gotcha! back together

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Funk band Gotcha! was doing well in the early 1990s, and then suddenly dropped from view. Turns out they broke up due to unspecified differences of opinions.

I went to one of their concerts in 1992, and really enjoyed it, so it is good to hear that they patched up those differences and got back together again, and are due to embark on a tour of ten concerts. Beef founders Pieter Both and Koen Lommerse even took a sabbatical to be able to play in Gotcha! again.

Check the band’s website for all the tracks of their second, 1993 album Gotcha! Gotcha!

(Link: LiveXS. Source illustration: Gotcha!)

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November 18, 2008

Happy Lefties Soul Connection break

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All this talk of recession, lack of pride, populism and people really needing to hear something positive made me decide to hijack this space today for a music video featuring Dutch funksters Lefties Soul Connection. I know there’s some fans out there!

After all, we need a break! So here’s Lefties Soul Connection with “Fais do do” (French for “go to bed”).

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October 30, 2008

New Dutch rare groove compilation

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Dutch rare groove vol. 2

Back in 2005, initiated by the hip Bert and Arjo of Black Audio Market, a CD compilation project called Dutch Rare Groove (CD below, artwork by Bert) compiled by Dutch funk lover and DJ Sjeng Stokking showed the world that the Dutch did have the groove, it just had to be put on a CD.

And since Stokking had plenty of other obscure material waiting to be pressed, he decided to release Dutch Rare Groove volume 2, with 18 very rare, funky tracks, recorded in the Netherlands mostly during the 1970s. And just like volume 1, the extra tracks on the second CD count as well: 14 remixes by people such as Eboman, Perquisite, Git Hyper, Kraak&Smaak and DJ Maestro. Both State Of Monc and Monsieur Dubois reworked some oldies into unique, fresh tracks. Out in stores as of 24 October, Dutch Rare Groove volume 2 will also be presented live on 23 December at the Melkweg, in Amsterdam. Dutch rare grooves volume two includes tracks such as “It’s Time To Get Funky” by Billy Jones, “Street Rondo” by Thijs Van Leer, “Catch Fire” by Rob Franken Organization and “A Box For Leslie” by Jack Van Poll.

Dutch rare groove

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