January 24, 2008

Hypnotism made National IQ Test results worse

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As a follow up to the story Hypnotised to participate in National IQ Test, here are the results. Surprise! They scored worse than expected. Dark forces at work or sleeping?

First, the candidates took the test yesterday afternoon normally and scored an average of 126. Last night the group took the test again under hypnosis and scored an average of 118.

Amusingly enough, they have nothing to be ashamed of as they had the best score. Dutch celebs had an average score of 114, followed by a group of women football players with a score of 113. The gifted kids group had the worse score, with 104.

I can explain why the kids did worse than expected. So many parents think their children are gifted when they’re not. Ordinary parents are surprised when their kids know more than they do, which happens quite often. It’s all very objective.


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